Why publish in Cancer Research Frontiers

Open access is essential for the prompt distribution of new research findings. It provides immediate open access to articles, widespread visibility, and updated communication. At the same time, it ensures high quality of publications through the peer-review process.

1. Open access

All articles published in Cancer Research Frontiers are open access, which benefits the scientific community by making research results immediately and freely available to all. The findings are more widely visible than if published behind subscription barriers. Some evidence suggests that open-access articles are, on average, twice as likely to be cited as are articles in subscription journals.

2. Fair and rigorous peer review

Cancer Research Frontiers is a peer-reviewed journal, dedicated to publishing high-quality research. We adopt guidelines of Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE)  and International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) in order to attain a standard peer-review system. Publication in Cancer Research Frontiers is driven entirely by editorial considerations and is an independent, authoritative peer review. All research is assessed by our internationally recognized, prestigious editors and reviewers.

3. Rapid publication

Cancer Research Frontiers offers fast publication whilst maintaining rigorous peer review. Initial decisions on publication will be reached within four weeks

4. Flexibility

Online publication in Cancer Research Frontiers enables authors to publish large datasets and numerous color illustrations, without limits on manuscript length or number of figures.

5. Low publication fees

US$500 for research article. US$400 for other manuscripts.

6. Our goal

When we started this journal, our editorial team set a goal: middle-high journal ranking within the categories of oncology, with an initial impact factor between 3 and 5 by 2016, and even higher later. We believe our goal are attainable because of our peer-review methods (quick and fair), a robust stream of submissions from top researchers, and a cadre of prestigious editors and reviewers.

7. Simplified submission procedure

Most journals require authors to comply with the journal’s bibliographic reference style, a burdensome requirement because many journals have unique styles. For the initial submission, we allow you to skip those inconvenient style guidelines as long as you respect the basic elements of style; author pre-formatting of the bibliography is not required. Also, you can submit text and figures as one file, or even embed the figures in the text. The only time you will need to attach figures separately is at the revision stage, and only after your paper is accepted will you be asked to format it according Cancer Research Frontiers’ style. We want authors to focus on the quality of manuscript content, not on bibliographic formatting.








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