Specific Reporting Guidelines

  1. Cell Line Research

The origin of any cell lines should be stated in the methods sections. For established cell lines, either a published paper or a commercial source must be referenced. If previously unpublished de novo cell lines were used, including those gifted from another laboratory, details of institutional review board or ethics committee approval must be given, and confirmation of written informed consent must be provided if the line is of human origin.


2. Chemicals

Papers describing the activity of synthetic or natural chemical entities must include the chemical structures of such molecules, either as systematic names or as drawn structures. For synthetic chemical entities, a protocol for synthesis should be provided. For natural chemical entities, methods for extraction/purification of the chemical entity, plus determination of the chemical structure, should be provided in the Materials and Methods section.


3. Nucleotide and Amino Acid Sequences

Newly determined nucleotide or amino acid sequence data must be deposited and available upon acceptance in GenBank, EMBL, or the DNA Databank of Japan. Accession numbers must be included in the manuscript. For example, the map of xxx was deposited in EMDataBank under accession code EMD-1234. The structure was deposited in the Protein Data Bank with ID 1234. Authors should provide the sequence data as supplementary material if no accession numbers are available.


4. Genomic and proteomic data

Authors of papers that include functional genomics data such as microarray, ChIP seq, RNA-seq, or other high-throughput data are required to deposit the data in a MIAME-compliant database, such as GEO, ArrayExpress or CYBEX and to provide accession numbers. Data must be publicly accessible upon acceptance. Authors of papers that include proteomics data should comply with the guidelines developed by Molecular and Cellular Proteomics.


5. Structural studies

For papers describing structures of biological macromolecules, the atomic coordinates and the related experimental data (structure factor amplitudes/intensities and/or NMR restraints and chemical shifts) must be deposited at the Worldwide Protein Data Bank, RCSB PDB, PDBe, PDBj, or BMRB. The PDB ID assigned after deposition should be included in the manuscript. For Human Subject Research, Clinical Trials and animal studies, see here for details.













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